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The Circus Giant  2013  11 x 19
Small town Alberta still enjoys the wonderful tradition of travellling circuses rolling into town for one
special summer night.

Dunvegan Past  2013    12 x 16     SOLD                                Workbench Reassigned  2013  12 x 16  SOLD
What was Dunvegan like when it belonged to                           The blacksmith shop at the Dawson Creek museum is largely
the Hudson's Bay Company a century ago?                              unchanged, except perhaps for this bottle collection.             

Snow Washed and Sun Shined 2013    10 x 14                              Chimerical 2013  10 x 14
A common sight in the Peace Country; an old building                     Thoughtful, reflective.  A close pair who understand each
weathering the elements.  Or weathered by the elements.                 other without need for words... or perhaps only one?

Zest 2013        8 x 14                                                                        A Tale To Tell  2013
A trio of happy-go-lucky horses enjoy a bit of sunshine                       A snaggle-toothed barn in the hills has many a yarn to
and snow.                                                                                          spin.

Kitchen Aid Rain  2013    9 x 12                                             Yesterday's Promise  2009  8 x 10  SOLD
Waiting for relatives to get a deal because they're buying           A slightly different approach to the old house using
seven Kitchen Aid mixers at once.  In Toronto.                         Naples yellow and manganese blue.

Charlie  2009                                                                                 June Night  2013     7 x 9
Charles The Cat surveys his territory at sunset.                                A pink sunset in the valley brings to a close a long
                                                                                                      evening with a book.

Ephemeral  2012                                                                              Her Weedy Trophy   2012    12 x 16
A spiderweb can't last long strung across a leaf in late August,            A poesy of tiny flowers laps against the edge of a stream in the
but at least its downfall is a gentle one.                                              calm pool below a waterfall.  Were they Ophelia's?

Ladder to the Loft  2010                                                                Potion Bottles  2010    8 x 10  (frame size)
Fog can't hide the rainbow of colour near the old home-                 What could you cook up if you had these in your
stead North of Rycroft.                                                                  kitchen?

Modern Arnolfinis  2012      10 x 14                                              The Girl in Green  2013  7 x 9 
What would Jan van Eyck's famous couple look like                       Is she looking at someone else, or at her own
today?  They'd have gadgets in hand!                                              reflection?.

Sold Works:       

Weathering It Together 2009                                                           Nearest Neighbors  2007
Near Rycroft, Alberta, two old friends survive another                     Looking across a snowy field from one abandoned
winter together.                                                                               farmyard to another.
This painting sold in 2009.                                                              This painting sold in 2009.
So Near and Yet...  2011                                                               Sunday Afternoon  2008
The wagon wheel rest home is just off the road - close                     Unusually intense winter sun bathes the historic buildings
enough to make an old wheel wistful.                                                and giant spruce at Dunvegan.
This painting sold in Dawson Creek in 2012.                                   This painting sold in June, 2008.

  Three Sisters  2006                                                                Waiting for Bob  2011
  The famous triple peaks catching the sun near                         An idyllic summer evening at the Peace Valley Guest
 Canmore, Alberta.                                                                  Ranch.  Just waiting for Bob to bring some snacks.
 This painting was privately sold before being shown.                This painting sold in its first show at Picture Perfect.

Mountain Paradise  2010                                                      Autochthony  2009
An elk strides freely through the many splendored                 Rocks, water and vegetation come together in a secret
realms of the Rockies.                                                         mountain canyon.
This painting sold in 2012.                                                   This painting sold in 2009.

The Boys  2011                                                                                     Warming  2007
Best friends in preschool, best friends forever?                                      Warm sunlight caresses a snowy roof and icicles   
It doesn't matter on a sunny spring day.                                                 cling to the eaves of historic Dunvegan Mission.
Sold in 2012 to the family of the boy on the left        .                            This painting sold in its first show in 2007.

Receeding Chill  2008                                                                   Mountain Sunburst
Cattails shiver in the first rays of warming sunshine on                    A rare glimpse of sun through clouds in the Rockies during 
a deep winter morning.                                                                 early spring.
This painting sold in its first show in 2008.                                    This painting sold at its first show in 2006.

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