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Some of Evelyn's currently available work:

Above Dunvegan 2009 Frame 11 x 14                                       Early Fall Snowfall   2009  11 x 14  
"Tattered ribbons of grey and gold..."                                           On the shores of Moonshine Lake.

Sweet Violets  2009  Frame 14 x 18                                         Golden Hills  2009
Violets grow profusely in Evelyn's yard in Toronto.                    Peace Country fall colours are strong and vibrant.

Roche Miette  2009  Frame 14 x 17                                         North of Spirit River      2009 
The distinctive mountain greeting visitors entering Jasper            The old red barn perches above the creek, weathering yet
National Park from Hinton, Alberta.                                           another Peace Country winter.

Pink Lilies  2007                                                                         Reach For the Sky  2008
Bright, creamy pink lilies burst joyously from a flower                  Sprightly Black-Eyed Susans toss their heads against a
border at Dunvegan gardens.                                                      background of bright blue sky.

A Fall Showing  2010                                                                     In the Farmyard  2008
Fall Splendor might be fleeting in the Peace Country, but it              A summer drive on the backroads near Rycroft brought
is truly amazing while it does last.                                                    Evelyn to this scenic barn and farmyard.

Early Winter  2010                                                                        Dancing Masses  2008
One of the many creeks near Spirit River, blanketed in an               Lively yellow flowers grow in dancing masses
early snow.                                                                                    against historic buildings in Fort Vermillion, AB.
A Spray of White  2009                                                             Golden Dunvegan  2006  Frame 16 x 20  
Bright white blossoms nestle amid their greenery.                         A warm, glowing fall day near the Peace River at the
                                                                                                  Dunvegan park.

Dunvegan  2010                                                                        Summer Reftlections  2010
The Peace River valley is a sight to see, especially when it          Sometimes when the water is so still it looks like glass
is in the midst of its fall glory.                                                     it can be hard to discern real from reflection.

Moonshine Mauve  2006  Frame 12 x 15                                   Follow the Light  2006  frame 16 x 20
The soft frostiness of Moonshine Lake at midday in                       A cozy winter scene from Ontario.

Some of Evelyn's sold paintings

Summer Splash  2006                                                                  Golden Stars  2006
A delicious cluster of juicy red flowers.                                         A light, delicate spray of creamy yellow daisies.
                                  These paintings were sold as a pair before their first show in 2006.

Summer Moonshine  2006                                                            Nicole's Creek  2006
The incredible depth and colour of a Peace Country                      A sunny creek emerging from a mountain canyon
lake near Spirit River.                                                                    in B.C.'s Pine Pass.
This painting sold at Christmas, 2006.                                            This painting sold via email before it's first show
                                                                                                     in 2006.

Low-Level Crossing  2006                                                             Tucked Away  2006
Evelyn sat on the river bank sketching this scene                              A pleasant winter scene from Evelyn's imagination.
while her schnauzer, Johnny Rex, explored.
This painting was a gift given by the artist in 2006.                            This painting sold in it's first show in 2006.

A Smattering of Mauve  2006                                                  Dawson Falls  2006
A small painting of tiny purple flowers against                           A spectacular waterfall in Wells Gray Provincial Park,
a soft pastel background.                                                         British Columbia.
This painting now resides in Judy's kitchen.                               This painting was sold before it's first show in 2006.

Winter's  Lake                                                                             Forest Gathering  1997
Sunlight catches frosty trees on the far side of                              A painting with strong contrasts, colours and vertical           
Moonshine Lake, Alberta.                                                           elements.
This painting sold in the fall of 2007.                                             This painting belongs to Evelyn's grandson, Robb.

Liza                                                                                        On the Banks of Heart Lake  2006
A burst of pink and orange jubilance.                                       The colours of this favourite lake are unbelievable.
Liza belongs to Carolyn.                                                           This painting sold in 2008.

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