Evelyn E. Harris  (Grandmother)

Evelyn is a retired swimming instructor and cake decorator.  She was married to Wilfred Harris for 61 years, and together they had four children and twelve grandchildren.  Many of her grandchildren share her interest in art of various kinds.

Evelyn now resides in North York, Ontario, but has lived in five provinces. 
She loves travelling across Canada and painting the scenes she has seen.  She began painting in watercolours in 1980, after Judy insisted she try the new medium.  As an oil painter, Evelyn considered watercolour "insipid," but it wasn't long before her oils were put away and watercolour became a great favourite. 

 Evelyn paints a wide variety of subjects, including animals, flowers, and landscapes.  She has an excellent eye for colour and the arrangement of flowers, in particular. 

She has shown in Toronto and around the Peace Country and taught painting and drawing in various schools.  She has taken classes from Zoltan Szabo, Jack Reid and Jake Mohl and Pauline Holancin.  She was a member of the Willowdale Group of Artists.

Now Evelyn divides her time between North York and Spirit River.  She enjoys camping and taking pictures in the West, but she has a new great grandson in the East.

An example of Evelyn's cake decorating skill.