Watercolour Paintings by Judy Brown    
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Hibiscus   2013  Frame 13 x 16                                              Prairie Duo  2012  Frame 12 x 22
A recent trip to Hawaii got Judy painting tropical                     A pair of Prairie Roses blinking in the August
images, including this one of their state flower.                         sunshine.

Kissin' Cousins 2013    14 x 18                                                    Below the Mission  2011  frame 16 x 20
Judy's great nephews are wonderful subjects for                           If you drifted by in a canoe, this is how you
portraits                                                                                      would see Dunvegan Mission.

  Canoe on Stoney Lake  2012                                               Sassy   2012
  Stoney Lake, once a major stopping point                             A little fellow bound to make his mother                        
  on the Monkman Trail, now simply serene.                             shake her head!                       

     Bird's Pond   2010                                                             Bubbles  2013      16 x 19
    Judy sat outside by the Pond to paint this                              The simple joy of bubbles!
    intricate autumn scene.                                                      

  Hawaiian Rainbow  2013                                                           Blue Solitude    2013  10 x 14
  Rainbows are a rarity on the Hawaiian coasts,                            Sun breaking through a wisp of cloud highlighting
but some people are just lucky.                                                    breathtaking blue skies and water.

New Occupation  2011   Frame 16 x 20                                         Oahu Beauty  2013  16 x 20
When it's time to retire, maybe a new hobby like sitting                    An empty beach at sunset.  Perfect!
out in the garden will go over well.                               

Safe on Daddy's Shoulder  2013  SOLD                                  The Balloon Seller  2013      8 x 9.5      
A tired little boy just can't keep awake any                               Can you spot the balloon man?

Mountain Majesty  2012           10 x 12                             Untitled  2012 
It was a bright and calm night... haunting,                           A warm autumn day is the perfect time to stroll at Dunvegan Park.
but not spooky!                                                                 

 Brown Against Gold  2010                                                West Coast Sunrise  2011
Beauty lurks everywhere in the undergrowth on                   Pacific serenity!  Canada's Inside Passage is a picture of peaceful
a September camping trip.                                                  beauty.

Sold Works:
 Luminescent Cloud  2007                                                           Only a Wave  2007
A glowing cloud gathers behind a farm on a warm spring               The unbelievable blue depth of  Atlantic breakers on
day in the Peace Country.                                                              the coast of Newfoundland.
This painting sold in 2007.                                                             This painting sold in it's first show in 2007.

  Woodland Rubies  2007                                                               Barn in Autumn  2006
Intense colours of fall leaves clustered under a fallen log at                The rarity of a warm autumn day on a prairie
Heart Lake, B.C. in October.                                                          homestead captured in rich, true colour.
Carolyn bought this painting in 2006.                                                This painting sold in 2006.

Freedom  2012                                                                    Sunset Breakers  2006
Rocks, sand and sea and nothing to do but run free!              Waves roll and breakers cascade as the sun sets over
                                                                                            the shores of Slave Lake, Alberta.
This painting sold in 2012                                                     This painting sold in 2006.

 Sun and Shadows  2006                                                                Peace Country  2012
New snowdrifts appear along a fence line after a night                     Riders take in the famous Peace Country sunset on the
of wild winter winds.                                                                      way "home" to Peace Valley Guest Ranch.
This painting sold in 2006.                                                               This painting sold before its first show in 2012.

 West of Castle Mountain  2006                                                     Southward Bound  2007
A brilliant sunset breaks through evening rain clouds in                     At Jack Bird Pond, Canada Geese take flight on a
the Rocky Mountains near Banff.                                                    warm fall day before winter sets in.
This painting sold in its first show in 2006.                                       This painting sold in 2008.

 Dunvegan Compliments  2008                                                                Hoar Frost  2005
Complimentary colours spill out of a pastel                                               Frost-laden wild oats greet the warmth of a winter
 pot down at Dunvegan Gardens, Dunvegan.                                           morning in Spirit River.
This painting sold in 2011.                                                                      This piece of the prairies now resides in Ontario.

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