Some of our favorite links:

Robb Brown's Photography:

Software Spirit:

Uncle Dave's Harris Time Inc shot clock site:

There is a link to our web site on the index of Canadian artists compiled by the Mona Lisa Art Resource Website an art supply store in Calgary.  It's a handy tool for exploring the range of talent in Alberta, especially.  View their web page at

Some of our favourite art stores, online and in person (red for Canadian, blue for American):

The Paint Spot (Edmonton)
Delta Art and Drafting Supply (Edmonton)
Grande Praire College book store
Kensington Art Supply (Calgary)
Swinton Art Supply (Calgary)
De Serres (national)
Opus (British Columbia)
Wyndham Art (Guelph)
ArtFrame 2000 (Toronto)
Gwartzman's (Toronto)
Studio 6 (Toronto)
Cheap Joe's
Dick Blick